XYZ stool and chair

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We are an Eindhoven based designers collective with a hands-on mentality and big fascination for techniques and connections.

‘’Structures from raw materials on a human scale by means of contemporary tool’’

Learning to understand a technique is the beginning of a structure. A structure is the beginning of an object. An object is the beginning of a space. A space is the beginning of a society. So to speak, the chain starts with knowledge about techniques and manufacturing methods.

Structural Aspect is a design and manufacturer practice that focuses on researching existing techniques and manufacturing methods, designing based on embodied knowledge and producing with the standards and values ​​of the moment.

Structural Aspect focuses on the design and manufacture of interiors, furniture and spatial solutions. The interdisciplinary expertise leads to various tracks in technology and design domains, such as architecture, design, woodworking and metalworking. During our career, interests will shift to other disciplines in order to learn more from what already exists and apply it in new concepts.