XYZ stool and chair

The operation of the construction can be traced back to the three dimensions, the x, y and z axis. There is a certain amount of pushing or pulling force on each axle, you must be able to understand these forces in order to see what happens. Once you understand that it is possible to block them, a construction is created.

From this line of thinking and a series of existing constructions, the concept was born to create a construction system that holds each other together by blocking all three-dimensional axes. No help is used from external already existing fastening materials.

This is a reference to an old technique they used to build wooden structures. This way of thinking or “embodied knowledge” was a matter of course at the time. The logic and simplicity are in danger of disappearing due to the norms and values that play a role in our time. For example, this project is about preserving this knowledge, but it also responds to the norms and values of the moment.

How can we use technology well to think like makers?

from these parameters the first two prototypes of a chair and stool were formed. Both share the same construction which is scalable according to the needs. By working with monomaterial, the recycling process is simplified and our dependence on suppliers is also limited even as the supply chain. 

Technical data:

Chair: Stool:

plywood 12mm plywood 12mm

dimensions. 500 x 400 x 700 mm dimensions. 400 x 400 x 450 mm

weight. 5350g weight. 3600g

EU 495,- incl VAT EU 395,- incl VAT  

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